The YAR Wide Body Putter

It’s not often we come across new equipment that is truly, 100% physics based.  But the new YAR GXI-WB Putter does just that.  Designed by Dr. Vanderbilt whose background and education come from Aeronautical Physics, the YAR Putter showcases a unique design and high performance in light of the fact that it is not like any other putter you have seen.  The math formulas are way over most golfer’s heads, but the results are worth paying attention to.  The YAR Putter feels light and actually gives you a pure pendulum swing throughout your stroke, hence no wasted energy to stabilize their putter. “Your stroke can be slowed down considerably providing you with greater ability, accuracy, and confidence in hitting your target.”   Additionally, Dr. V designed the putter to be suitable when used in “adaptive golf”, or those with physical limitations. The YAR putter is center shafted so it will fit inside the cup, while sitting in a wheelchair, and when it is stroked back and forth it has innate properties that cause it to stay on plane. It resists the tendency to wobble or wiggle during the stroke. Because of this quality the YAR putter can easily be stroked using only one hand. The design also allows a golfer to hit the ball anywhere on the face without being penalized by having the ball veer left or right just a degree or two which can result in a missed putt from even just a few feet away.  According to Dr. V, “It’s just the normal way of designing things that fly”.  Additionally, the YAR GXI-WB Wide Body putter has the ability to remove the ball from the hole or pick it off the putting surface without bending over as well as a feature which while picking up the ball off the green also marks the ball’s position (again without bending over). Once the ball is replaced and ready to be stroked, a small magnet at the rear of the putter picks up the ball marker. It is a putter that should be considered by all golfers looking to improve their game.  For more information, please visit


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